July 17, 2018

To the valued health care staff of Brunswick County:

As you may know by now, the County of Brunswick (County) recently announced an intent to award their Medical services contract to Correct Care Solutions (CCS). This contract is tentatively scheduled for CCS to start services on September 10, 2018.  As we begin this critical transitional period, we are eager to meet you, learn more about your expertise and experiences, and further discuss how you can join our team in the appropriate positions within the new contract staffing plan.

I recognize that while some employees may be excited about the news, others may be apprehensive and anxious. In an attempt to alleviate some of your concerns, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions” document to learn more about the process and CCS by clicking here.

Second, if you know that you’d like to transition your employment to CCS, you can begin the process immediately by clicking here to submit your profile.

Members of the CCS Management team will be available on site in the Jail Changeover room this week this to answer any future team member questions. These individual information sessions will last approximately 20-30 minutes and will be held as follows:

Date and Time: Thursday, July 19th – 12 PM – 4 PM

CCS Management Team:

  • Bill Kissel, CCS Sr. Regional Vice President
  • Tom Sybesma, CCS Regional Manager
  • Heather Rayko, CCS Director of Business Development
  • Lindsay Wells, CCS Employee Relations Specialist

We will provide a brief overview of CCS, and answer any questions you may have.  We will gather all demographic information, current role, current shift, and current base salary, and assist in ensuring that people begin the application process utilizing our computer equipment to access “How to Initiate the Transition Process with Correct Care Solutions”.

Please bring a copy of your most recent paystub to assist CCS Employee Relations staff in expediting eligibility for continued consideration of employment and validation of current salary.  

We look forward to establishing a partnership in correctional health care excellence by working closely with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office command staff. At CCS, we realize our most important asset is our people and we are excited about the potential for each of you to become a part of the CCS team!


Bill Kissel

Executive Vice President, Local Detention Division

Correct Care Solutions, LLC